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Early and regular visits to a pediatric dentist are critical for your child’s well-being, and set the stage for a lifetime of oral health. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) advises parents to take their children to a pediatric dentist by age 1, and no more than 6 months from the appearance of the first tooth. After the initial appointment, an exam should be scheduled annually through age 3, and every 6 months from that point forward.

What happens during your child’s first appointment at the Kids Smile Dentistry?

Our dentist will gently and meticulously examine your child’s teeth and mouth, followed by a careful cleaning and preventive fluoride application. Next, to make sure we understand how your child’s teeth are coming in, and to detect any potential concerns, our assistants may take x-rays, in accordance with AAPD guidelines. As parents, we know it can be difficult to decide which pediatric dentist to trust with your child’s care. For this reason, a hallmark of our approach is close consultation with parents: we believe in keeping parents thoroughly informed, and closely involved in every single decision.

Why come to a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists have pursued post-graduate work in children’s hospitals and they are more skilled in adapting to a child’s behavior and addressing each child’s specific needs. Also, they have a genuine love for children and able to establish a trusting relationship so your child is comfortable and happy during visits.

Are baby teeth important?

Although baby teeth are temporary, they play an important role in facial development, chewing, and proper speech. They also act as a guide for permanent teeth, helping them emerge in the right positions.

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