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Cavity Treatment: Fillings

At Kids Smile, Dr. Yu uses tooth-colored filling, called resin composite, to fill cavities. This white filling is advantageous because it looks natural like rest of the teeth.​​


Baby Root Canal & Crowns​

Dr. Yu uses stainless steel crowns to protect the weakened tooth from decay, trauma, or baby root canal treatment. Stainless steel crowns are excellent for durability. Sometimes when cavities are too large, baby root canal treatment is necessary to save the tooth. Cavities which extend to the nerve of a tooth requires a pulpotomy. ​​

Dr. Yu performs restorative procedures with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide when deemed necessary.​​


Nitrous Oxide

Commonly called "laughing gas," nitrous oxide is used to relax children for treatments. It is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide given through a small breathing mask. It is completely safe and does not put a child to sleep. Children are fully conscious during this method.​​


Tooth extraction is a procedure Dr. Yu performs to remove a tooth from a child's mouth. It is performed to remove baby teeth or permanent teeth, depending on the reason for treatment. Sometimes it is broken or decayed significantly, and cannot be preserved. Sometimes a baby tooth is ready to come out so there is space for an adult tooth.​​

Space Maintainer

If a baby tooth has to be extracted before permanent tooth is ready to take its place, Dr. Yu places a space maintainer to maintain space in the mouth until permanent tooth comes in. It is designed to stay in the mouth until the permanent tooth erupts into space.​​

During all of these treatments, children get to watch their favorite shows or movies on the overhead TV!


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